using "vec" and "over" functions in the same equation

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I am trying to write an equation where I am deviding two vectors by eachother and I would like to use the {}over{} notation to do it. However when I do this, the “hat” that designates that the symbols are vectors are poorly positioned. In the denominator, the hat is just above the line and in the numerator the hat seems to be outside of the equaiton box and not visible. Is there a work-around, or should I just submit this as a bug report and hope it gets fixed eventually?

Here’s an example:
widevec {m} = Cm ({vec {%rho_p}} over { vec{%rho_s} })

yields the attached formula

I could replace “vec” with bold, or “over” with “/”, but those aren’t as pretty.


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It works in my LO4.4.7 on
It works in my LO4.4.7 on Win7×83profSP1

Which version of LO are you using (and what operating system?)

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Tibor Kovács Budapest, Hungary LO4.4.7, and LO5.1.1 Portable version; AOO4.1.2 on Win7×64Prof_SP1

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