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“With Apple’s signature developer event WWDC 2019 just around the corner, it’s a good time to think about your Apple-related Twitter feeds from an IT and security-related perspective. Are you keeping up with all the news that Apple want you to know about and (maybe!) some they don’t, like bugs, vulnerabilities and exploits?
In this post, we offer a curated list of all the best macOS and iOS related Twitter accounts to make sure you don’t miss a thing.”

Traduzione libera, abbiate pazienza, traduco solo verso l’inglese:
Con l'evento per sviluppatori di Apple WWDC 2019 alle porte, è il momento di pensare ai contributi Twitter che riguardano la Apple da un punto di vista informatico e di sicurezza. Stai tenendo il passo con tutte le notizie di cui Apple desidera informarti e (forse!) alcune che forse non vorrebbe che tu sappia, come i difetti, le vulnerabilità e gli attacchi?
In questo articolo offriamo una selezione curata di tutti i migliori account Twitter relativi a MacOS e iOS per essere sicuri di non perderti nulla.

Premetto che questi contenuti sono completamente al di fuori della mia portata cognitiva, ma a naso credo possa interessare non pochi frequentarori di questo forum e molti probabilmente già li conoscono. Per darvi un’indea della serietà e dell’interesse di questi conti Twitter e dei relativi siti, riporto la descrizione dei primi 5 senza tradurli perché chi fosse interessato deve per forza conoscere bene questa lingua (ho aggiunto i relativi siti o blog):

1. @mjtsai | Michael Tsai Sito: https://mjtsai.com/blog/
Michael Tsai’s Twitter feed curates news and opinions from across the entire spectrum of Apple-related news, blogs and Twitter feeds and is without doubt the best one-stop source for all things connected to Cupertino’s most famous company. Be sure to follow @mjtsai to keep up with the latest conversations.

2. @daringfireball | John Gruber Sito: https://twitter.com/daringfireball
Legendary Apple blogger John Gruber’s Daring Fireball website and Twitter feed are another great place to get all the latest news and retweets about what’s happening in the Apple world. If there is such a thing as a social media “influencer” in the Apple ecosystem, then @daringfireball is certainly it.

3. @clattner_llvm | Chris Lattner Sito: http://nondot.org/sabre/
The engineer behind such crucial tools as the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure, an open source umbrella project that includes all sorts of toolchain related technology, and the enormously popular Swift programming language, Chris is heavily involved with developments in machine learning and Swift. Having worked at Apple, Tesla and currently with Google, if you have a bent for the deeply technical, @clattner_llvm is a feed to watch.

4. @patrickwardle | Patrick Wardle Sito: https://objective-see.com
The multi-talented Patrick Wardle is a developer, researcher, reverse engineer, vblogger, blogger and host of the only Mac-focused security conference, Objective By The Sea. There’s not much that goes on in macOS security that @patrickwardle hasn’t got his eye on.

5. @thomasareed | Thomas Reed Sito: https://www.thesafemac.com/about/
Self-taught security expert responsible for the first widely-used adware removal tool on macOS, Reed is now at MalwareBytes. Always insightful and interested in security issues affecting macOS end users, @thomasareed is a Twitter feed that’s definitely worth watching.
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