Transferring macros from old PC to new PC

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I am looking for simple step-by-step instructions to transfer my LibreOffice macros from my old Win7 PC to a new Win81 PC.

My only macros are substitute keyboard shortcuts recorded in OpenOffice 3.2.0 but automatically imported into LibreOffice (all run fine there) when was installed on my old PC.

The only instructions I’ve found for transferring macros use language that’s not precisely clear to me & that’s a bit too technical for me.

I used their last paragraph to save my working LibreOffice macros as a .bas file which I then inserted as BASIC source on my new PC.

All paragraphs of these instructions I referenced are at this link:

My macros appear in Tools > Macros > Organize Macros > LibreOffice Basic

When I click Run on my new PC for each macro, each runs properly.

However, when I use my substitute keyboard shortcut to run each macro, nothing happens—the original shortcut keys are unchanged.

How do I get my macros transferred and working properly?

I’m open to tinkering with BASIC but I know absolutely nothing about it and would need detailed instructions on what to do from here.

Or, I can start over using another method, but also need more precise instructions than I used above, especially on what to do from here.

Thank you for any help you can provide. I’ve used my substitute keyboard shortcuts for years and don’t know if I can recreate them.

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Different things
Shortcut settings, toolbar or menu customisations … are not macros.

You may experimentally transfer your complete old user profile (you were satisfied with) to the proper location on your new PC. Assuming you have still access to the file system on your “old” PC:

1) Find your old user profile. Enter into the path box of the Win explorer %appdata%\LibreOffice\4\. Look for the folder \user. It will contain a lot of subfolders and file (some few MB).
2) Copy it, including every content to the new computer somewhere in ‘Downloads’ or a ‘Documents’ section.
3) On the new PC close any instance of LibreOffice.
4) Find the location of the LibreOffice user profile on the new PC. Win8.1 does not differ from Win7 so far.
5) Rename the folder “user” as “user.bak”.
6) Copy the transferred folder including its content to the same directory. (The “user.bak” and the new “user” folder must show up in the same list of contents.)
7) Try LibreOffice.
Cool If things are as you wanted: Cool!
9) I you experience a mess: Close LibO, delete the new “user” folder and rename the old one to “user” without “.bak” again. Find a way to live with the changes and recreate your custom configurations.
10) If things work well but …: Study the LibreOffice wikis in detail and replace some contents of the now active with those of the backupped profile on the single file level. (Regard %appdata%\LibreOffice\4\user\config\soffice.cfg\modules in specific.)

Currently installed: LibO V5.1.2 on Windows 10
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User profile
You should learn more about the user profile, read this tutorial:
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Thanks. Problem Solved!
Lupp: Thank you! Your instructions worked perfectly! I copied over the user folder from my old PC (now my test PC) and all is good. I appreciate you explaining terminology. I had used the Record Macro menu selection to record all my substitute keyboard shortcuts (maybe poor terminology). Plus I forgot I had a custom toolbar. All work great.

dg333: Thank you for the link to great information on the user profile folder. I’ll be backing up that profile folder frequently.

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