How to change text color in whole presentation

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Hello everybody,

I come straight to the point: I have a quite large presentation and I need to change the text color in the whole presentation. Is there a way to change text color globally? Or is it possible to select objects over multiple pages? Because CTRL-A only selects stuff from a single page.

Some of you might wonder why it came to that issue: I got the presentation as a PDF file and I need to print it. However, the slides had a stupid blue pattern background and white text in the front Angry . So printing would empty my cartridges and probably take a week. Somehow I managed to get the slides into Impress and removed that foolish background with the master view. But the text is still white and invisible now that I have a white background.

Thank you, any help would be appreciated.


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Use your own graphical
Use your own graphical objects (rectangles for the texts), and then create and apply your own style set. In this case you can modify the parent style of the other styles, and this way you can modify the text color in one step. (read: when you modify the text color of a parent style the child styles will inherit that property.)

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