My custom LibreOffice 5 icon

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I really am dismayed at the default application’s plain, white square of an icon. I think that the individual data files (.odt, .ods, etc) icons look fine, but the main app just looks far too “plain Jane” for me. I mean, if I did not have labels under the icons, I’d probably forget what that was or think it just a plain, blank document (data file).

So I decided to make a crummy bubble-like icon for it, with a ghosted “LO” (hard to make out) in the background, and a big “5” (couldn’t find the precise font used, so Franklin Gothic Demi was used. I did it in Xara, but exported it to png / ico / svg (inkscape). If anyone would like to give it a whirl:

I was unable to find anything already done, so just did my own. I am not a graphic artist, so it is what it is.

-teh r0y