Attempting to install Crystal theme completely removed LO5 from my computer!

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Hi Folks,

I don’t know if I’m asking this question in the right place or not? This may be a Linux mint issue or a Libre Office issue I don’t know?

I would just like to ask for some advice after trying to install a LibreOffice theme, attempting this resulted in Libre Office being completely uninstalled from the computer.

I have just installed Linux Mint 17.3 on my wife’s new Asus laptop. The mint installation came with LibreOffice 5 installed but the only theme in the drop down box was the Human theme.

The wife doesn’t like the basic human theme, so I decided to change it.

Now, I use the crystal theme on my computer,(I’m running Libre office and my wife decided she liked that, so I tried to install the Crystal theme on her computer via the terminal, unfortunately all that resulted was the entire LibreOffice installation was removed from the laptop when I ran the “Sudo” command to install the Crystal theme.

Crystal does show up in the Synaptic package manager but marking it for installation seems to want to remove writer in particular from the system at the same time.

I had to re install the whole suite again via the repository, but I can’t install the crystal theme on Libre Office 5. Is it not possible to install the crystal theme on 5 any more?

Thanks for reading.

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The Crystal icon set was removed from LO at the end of 2014 due to two other KDE icon sets (Breeze and Oxygen) being available. Both Crystal and Oxygen had irregular 22px large icon size, whereas Breeze uses the more typical 24px. Crystal also had very low usage stats. Perhaps try:

$ sudo apt-cache policy

… against the Crystal icons package. It may be for an older series. In the worse case, install an older version that includes Crystal; copy the icon set zip file; remove the old version; install LO v5.x; manually copy the saved icon set zip file into the newer install.

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EDIT: Perhaps download only the v4.2.8 Crystal styles package without installing it. It may then be possible to extract the related zip file and manually install it.

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