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  • Data Guardian (1,393)
    una specie di portachiavi con funzionalità e personalizzazioni molto efficaci e potenti...


    - Create unlimited records, collections, and fields!
    - Insert pictures into records
    - Dial phone numbers directly from records
    - Import virtually any flat-text file and map it to custom fields
    - Export your database to a flat-text file for use in other programs
    - Synchronize databases
    - Automatically login to servers
    - Synchronize Data Guardian with Safari's Keychain to aid in auto-fill
    - QuickBrowser — access to Data Guardian from within any application
    - Up to 448-bit Blowfish encryption
    - Record application activity to a log
    - Auto-clear clipboard after a specified interval
    - Dynamically generate passwords based on a user specified algorithm
    - Automatically saves databases
    - Can discard changes and quit Data Guardian if left idle for a period of time
    - Print a sheets of record information in a variety of formats
    - Apply changes to a selection of records at the same time
    - Powerful RegEx search function
    - Cross platform compatible database format between the Mac and Windows versions
    - Auto-quit if idle for a specified time period

  • GnuPG: cifrare e firmare digitalmente, mail e dati (381)
    GnuPG permette di cifrare e firmare digitalmente i propri dati e le proprie comunicazioni di posta elettronica